The Neonatal Comfort Care Team offers a plan of care to provide a comfortable and loving environment for your infant, for the duration of his or her natural life. We provide counseling and education before your child’s birth, and follow up with medical and supportive care after delivery.

Prenatal counseling includes meetings with the Program's Medical Director/Neonatologist to discuss your baby’s future and to learn more about medical care after birth, including a Comfort Care Plan, if appropriate, to address his or her needs.

If you consider a Comfort Care plan for your baby, you can meet with the Program’s Clinical Care Coordinator, who will introduce you to the rest of the multidisciplinary Neonatal Comfort Care Team, to learn more about available resources. Moreover, you can discuss the delivery plan and the care of your baby after delivery. After your child is born, he or she will receive family/baby bonding, warmth, nutrition and hydration, and relief of any pain or discomfort. You may choose to have your baby 'room-in' with you while you are in the postpartum unit, and then go home with you under the care of hospice support. If you prefer, your baby can be admitted to the NICU for compassionate care, or transferred to a pediatric hospice facility. The choice is yours, and our team is here to support you in your decisions.