The members of the Neonatal Comfort Care Team  include:
• The Clinical Care Coordinator (Frances McCarthy, MS, RNC) will meet with you to explain the program’s services to ensure your baby’s comfort and support your family. She will also introduce you to the team members.
• The Medical Director/Neonatologist (Elvira Parravicini, MD) will meet with you to discuss your baby’s condition and plan of care after delivery. She will also facilitate the discussion regarding the management of your pregnancy and delivery plan with your obstetrician.
• The Social Worker (Solimar Santiago, SW) will meet with you to let you know about available resources to help you celebrate your baby’s life and collect memories. Moreover, the social worker will help coordinate your preferences while in the hospital and help connect you with community resources.
• Speech Pathology has trained feeding specialists available to assist you with feeding techniques that can help meet your baby’s hydration and nutrition needs.
• Child Life will meet with you to provide support to your baby and your family, including sibling support and memory-making.
• Pastoral Care is available to meet with you to provide spiritual and emotional support for you and your family.