At our first prenatal consult, the Medical Director / Neonatologist will meet with you to discuss your baby’s future, and talk with you in further detail about your baby’s medical care after birth, including plan for Palliative Care, if appropriate.

If you consider a Palliative Care plan for your baby, our Clinical Care Coordinator will talk with you to begin to develop a plan for your delivery and the post-natal care of your baby.  She will introduce you to the other members of our interdisciplinary Neonatal Comfort Care Team.  You can learn more about the many resources available to you and your baby through the Neonatal Comfort Care Program, and make choices that are in-line with your personal beliefs and desires.

Throughout your pregnancy, our team will journey closely with you, and after your child is born, we will work with you to ensure that he or she feels relief from any pain or discomfort, and is provided with the fullest possible extent of family bonding, warmth, and feeding through the course of his or her natural life.  We will offer you the unique option to have your baby room-in with you while you are in the postpartum unit. We will help coordinate hospice care support so that your baby can go home with you, or facilitate the transfer of your baby to a pediatric hospice facility.

Our team will also follow up with you after you have left the hospital, to offer ongoing support for you and your family.  If your baby thrives, we will be there to celebrate each milestone and success with you.  If you suffer a loss, we will grieve with you, and continue to journey with you by providing long-term bereavement support for you and your family.